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Meet Ron & Tricia from South Carolina.

We’ve been RVing for 60+ years in everything from homemade campers to motorhomes. We’ve loved every moment of it!

Trivia note: Most recently, we lived in a 43-foot Newmar DutchStar full-time for 12 years  — inside a garage — and traveled in it part-time. Today, we drive a Winnebago View full-time, and live in it part-time.

Countless others ventured into full-time RVing long before we decided to give it a try. Many have written extensively about their experiences. Hats off for their guidance! We hope that our somewhat ‘hybrid’ RVing lifestyle will add to the conversation.

Meet The People Behind This Site …

Confession: Photos may not be current. But hey, we’re all still young at heart, right?

Meet Ron …

Retired marketing guy ... previously employed as a marketing executive in the computer industry, as owner of a website/video production company, and as a radio announcer.

I am still surprised that Tricia (a former teacher) married me because

I never learned how to sit still.

Meet Tricia …

Retired school teacher ...  certified to teach elementary education

and as an ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) teacher.

Taught in the public school system for over 20 years.

I met Ron in high school. We’ve been married 50 years,

have two daughters & three grandchildren — on both coasts —

so we've always got a good excuse to travel.

Meet Jody …

I am Ron’s brother and just as fervent of an RVing fan as you will find anywhere.

My first RV was a travel trailer, switching later to a Class A coach. I now camp in a Winnebago View motorhome. Like Ron, I’ve been RVing my entire life.

I am retired after 40 years of working in corporate sales.

Meet Carl …

I am Tricia’s brother. My wife and I were married 52 years. We traveled and lived full-time in motorhomes for about eight years after retiring.

After selling our motorhomes, we lived in a ‘park model’ log cabin on an 11-acre ‘campground.’ It featured a beautiful pond and just ONE camping spot — for visitors. 

FINAL TRIP: Carl passed away in 2021. We miss him dearly. Happy trails, my friend! See you on the other side.           

Note: Watch the movie ‘My Friend Carl’ in the LIFESTYLE > MOVIES section of our site.


1946 - 2021

We’re ALL kinda nuts about RVing. In fact, it's nearly impossible for us  to drive by a dealership, a camping gear store or a campground without stopping. Browse through our RV scrapbook and you'll see why.

P.S. Wondering about Ron & Tricia’s hats? It’s kind of a running joke with them. They picked them up on the maiden trip of their first diesel pusher RV and have been wearing them off and on ever since.

Ron & Tricia’s

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