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‍ Everything you need to know about it is our personal website and an educational resource to help summarize the incredible amount of RVing information available on the Web. Whether you're a seasoned RVer, a beginner, or a wannabe, you'll find lots of helpful information here.

Rather than just recount our experiences as RVers, or offer you our advice, we've included some unusual 'home' movies on our site to let you see for yourself why we enjoy RVing so much. We hope you will enjoy them.

We are 100% non-commercial & educational.

We accept no advertising & have no financial agenda.

Not A Travel Blog.

We won't tell you when or where we camp, where we're headed next, or brag about our collection of fridge magnets from places we’ve visited. We also won’t promote any particular type of RV; they’re all great! We do admit, however, that we have a penchant for motorhomes.

What we will do is update this site regularly to share our fondness of the RV lifestyle with anyone who has an interest. It’s a labor of love for us. Our only goal is that you find this site helpful and enjoyable.

We’ve been to

Just The Good Stuff.

RVmatters is everything GOOD about RVing, presented in a variety of formats — home movies, blogs, news, helpful links — plus a special collection of links from the Web that make for interesting reading while on the road. (But not while driving, of course!)

There are lots of websites you probably visit to catch up with the latest news and browse your favorite interests. But, if you're an RVing aficionado (or a wannabe devotee), there is no site that features the same varied and updated content as this one. Best of all, it's all here for you in one place. 

So, whether you're on the road or back at your base camp, we invite you to stop by often.

Enjoy! — Ron & Tricia

RVmatters points a lens on the RV lifestyle ... with movies, stories & information to warm your heart if you're already an RVer, and calm your mind if you think you want to be.

One More Thing …

We believe that RVing is a  genuine ‘social’ network. Real RVers are much more interesting than online friends you’ve never met. We will never ask you to 'like' us, 'follow' us, 'share' us, or ‘tweet’ about us. Nothing we have to say is so important that it should interrupt your day, especially if you are RVing. Besides, we think social media tends to make some adults act like they are in middle-school! We are 100% social media AND commercial free.

Want to 'reach out' to us? Send us an > old fashioned e-mail. We promise not to junk mail you. Heck, we won't even talk to you unless you ask us to. Now that's something you can really 'like' about us. :)

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Our site is 100% commercial & social media free. All content for educational purposes only.