An RVmatters home movie

My Friend Carl

The life and times of a very good friend

Movie Notes…

It’s been MONTHS in the making! This is the official movie trailer. 

‘My Friend Carl’ is a feature length tribute movie for a very beloved friend of mine who passed last year during the peak of the Covid crisis. There’s been a hole in my heart ever since. The only way to mend it was to produce this movie.

See ‘My Friend Carl’ in your own ‘home’ theater. 

Beginning March 20, 2022, we will mail a free copy of the full movie to any friends or family members who would like to view it. The movie is 150-minutes in length and will be on an USB flash drive that you can play on your computer and on most modern television sets.

To receive yours, send me an e-mail — — or click the link below. Include your name and mailing address and how you knew Carl.  If you know of any friends of Carl or extended family members who might like to see the full movie, please feel free to send them a link to this page. 

Carl devoted his life to living out God’s plan for him. It is hard to imagine that any life could have been better lived. I hope you will enjoy my story of ‘My Friend Carl.’    — ron




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