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Traveling Through South Carolina?

Perhaps we can assist you. Our ‘home’ base is in the central part of the state  — near Interstates 20, 26 and 77. It’s a convenient stop-over whether you’re traveling east, west, north or south. Plus,  there are some interesting attractions nearby.

Welcome to the Blue Moon!

Our backyard overnight camping spot with water, sewer,

50/30-amp hook-ups and  Wi-Fi —all for FREE.




If you’re planning on traveling through South Carolina, let us know what your schedule looks like. We may be able to host you at our ‘Blue Moon’ backyard recreation area. We’ve set it up like a resort campground for friends and family to enjoy when they are in our area.

Check out our rules …

  • Maximum RV length is 43 feet if you are brave enough to try it.
  • Advance reservations only … so the wife can clean up everything.
  • Quiet hours are 12:01 pm to 11:59 am. If we can hear it, it’s too loud.
  • Pets must be well-behaved, on a leash, and pooper-scooped.
  • Pet owners can roam free but must also be well-behaved.
  • We love most children; we’ll see about yours.
  • Check-out and check-in whenever you want.
  • Fish and visitors stink after three days unless we say otherwise.
  • Firewood is $175/bundle. Inflation surcharge included!
  • Additional rules posted on sign at right.

And yes, we do have a sense of humor.

Bring Your Work Clothes!

Sometimes our guests bring with them a variety of helpful skills that we never fail to recognize. Only once in a blue moon do you get to goof off at this campground! Seriously, when RVing friends and family come to visit, we always enjoy having them at The Blue Moon. No one is required to work! We promise.

The price can't be beat. It's all FREE!

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outdoor stewards!

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