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Wildlife Reel 2018

Running time: 05:39

Movie Notes…

We all want that 'one in a million' shot of wildlife when we go RVing. But, alas, a smartphone camera just doesn't allow you to safely get close enough to the action. Plus, you've got to spend a LOT of time outside ... waiting & waiting & waiting. Who has time for that?! Greg Balvin does, and he and Sandy Mell have the equipment — and the photographer's eyes — to get the shots that impress.

Greg started capturing wildlife images in 1977 with a Canon AE-1 and has been a loyal user since. Between 1985 and 2007, he had over 50 images in publication. Starting in May 2007, he teamed up with Sandy Mell and they started MELLVIN VIDEO PRODUCTIONS . Their first DVD "ROCKY MOUNTAIN WILDLIFE" was released in 2009 followed by a 2012 release "ULTIMATE ELK RUT HD". They capture 4K video using Canon 1DX Mark ll cameras with Canon's most powerful L series lenses.

All shots are of "wild" animals taken on public lands. Sandy and Greg don't believe in filming any type of captive animal; no game farms, zoos, personal pets or even shooting on private land. They live in the Tetons and work 260 days a year. Traveling over 35,000 miles/year, they capture only the biggest and best of Rocky Mountain wildlife. You see what they see, nothing is added or removed. They have over 2200 4K & HD video clips that are used in advertising, films, television and education in over 50 countries worldwide.



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