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Why Should I Go RVing?

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Why go RVing? For starters, there’s an RV for everyone. Whatever your interests, wherever you want to explore, whomever you want to take along ... an RV is — in our opinion — the BEST way to travel.

Need more reasons? This series of 18 short videos highlights some of the top reasons people go RVing. The series was produced by, a great reference site whether you're a newbie or seasoned RVer.

P.S. We've all heard it before ... "For what you've spent on your RV's, you could have stayed at the finest five-star hotels anywhere in the country — as often as you like!" The point is well taken.

For us, however, it's not about premium services, it's about SO much more .... communing with nature, meeting and making new friends, having the flexibility to just take off on an adventure anytime without plans, having our own bed, bath and personal items with us at all times, and staying at locations with better views that even the finest hotels can offer. Plus, with the RV, we can usually stay much closer to the places we want to see, sometimes in the parking lot or driveway of those places!

Perhaps more important than all of those things, though, is that the 'vacation' is never 'over' in our RV. Because we have a compact motorhome RV, we use it all the time to go shopping, to dine out (in our own private dining room!) and for just running around town. Even food shopping at a new grocery store along the way on a trip out of town is a pleasure for us.

Some friends who we recently encouraged to buy their own motorhome called us the other day and mentioned that they were having trouble finding available, nearby campgrounds on the weekends. They are a non-retired couple with a child. For us, that's not so much of a problem since we are retired and can 'camp' anytime. In fact, we prefer to travel on the weekdays rather than the busy weekends. But, we never let crowds stop us. If there is somewhere we want to go, we just go ... and figure out where we are going to spend the night as we make our way to our destination. There is always some place to park safely and begin the adventure anew in the morning. Also, we can usually find campgrounds with open spots due to cancellations. And, more often than not, if we pull into a campground with no room to spare, the proprietors are usually more than happy to help us find alternative arrangements.

For spontaneous and flexible travel, an RV simply can't be beat.



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