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An Uncluttered World

Running time: 02:02

Movie Notes…

Getting rid of a lifetime of furniture and clutter after raising our children and building our dreams in a conventional house was a big step for us. It is one we have not regretted. As RVer Steven Dempsey of Pine Lake Films says in this self-produced, self narrated film, "All that's required is open eyes and an open mind, and a watch left on a shelf."

Here's Steven's bio from the website where his videos are published ... 

I was born  in Dublin, Ireland. Came to New York City with a rock band and big dreams. Ditched the music world after 12 years and took up portrait painting. Then designed and built Web sites. Got a graphic design job in Seattle. Got interested in motion graphics and then discovered film.

Now I'm wondering how the world could exist without film. Funny how that works. When I’m not shooting motion, I’m shooting stills.

My mission is to open people's minds about the world around them.



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