This one will make you think ... about priorities in life. After viewing it, we knew we had made the right decision about selling our house, buying an RV and getting out to see our beautiful country.

This film was produced by Steven Dempsey of Pine Lake Films. Steven is an RVer. Says Steven, "Being a photographer is a gift of the highest order because it not only encourages me to see the magnificent beauty around me, but I can also capture it and make it my own."

When I was born
I received a gift
Its value has varied
Over the years
I squandered it with worry
Anticipating the future
Regreting the past
Unable to stay in the moment
So when I witnessed
Something special
I was not present
to that moment of awe
My busy mind
Would lower a gray veil
Like a fog
consuming craggy mountaintops
Until all was gone
One day, I looked through
The lens of a camera
and saw time standing still
Everything I had missed
Was there on this tiny screen
All of a sudden I could see
My life perfectly composed
Focused and framed
Exposed for the first time
I grabbed the camera
And began capturing everything
Every color, every feeling
Every moment in time
How could I have missed
All of this?
It was never there
Yet it was always there
I recognized this as a gift
And practiced every day
Until I needed the camera
No more

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